Eye Care Services

Eye Society team Chicago, IL

Below is a list of all the services we offer at our Eye Society clinics.
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Person putting in scleral lenses

Scleral Lenses
Specialty lenses for those who can’t wear normal contacts

guy rubbing his dry eyes

Dry Eye Treatment
Various treatment options to help chronic dry eyes

chart showing the progression of child's myopia from mild to moderate to high

Myopia Treatment
Learn about our various treatment options for your child’ myopia

kid sleeping in bed hugging teddy bear

Custom contact lenses that treat myopia – without undergoing surgery

Eye Society Aesthetics and RF services

Aesthetics & Radio Frequency
Look great, feel great, & alleviate wrinkles!

Eye glasses exam

Eye and Vision Exams
Schedule your annual or bi-annual eye exam in a flash

person putting in contacts

Contact Lens Exams
Find the perfect fit with your favorite brand today

Eye society glasses

Choose frames for any occasion from the top brands

man receiving glaucoma test

Glaucoma Treatment
Learn how we can help you manage and treat your glaucoma long-term

woman putting in contact lenses

Hard to fit contacts
We understand that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work. Learn more!

child with glasses

Pediatrics Optometry
Protect your child’s vision in a way that’s easy and fast

MiSight by CooperVision

MiSight Lenses
Learn about myopia in children, and how MiSight lenses can help

woman receiving LASIK surgery

Lasik Care (Pre-Op/Post-Op)
Learn about our fast and effective Lasik Care service

Eye Society worker wearing glasses

Prescription Glasses
Choose from our world-class selection of prescription glasses

woman with pink eye

Pink Eye Treatment
Learn about our safe and effective treatment for pink eye

woman getting Keratoconus exam

Learn about our treatment options for Keratoconus

man ewith eye allergies

Eye Allergies
Got itchy, watery eyes? We can help

woman holding injured eye

Common Eye Injuries
Injuries happen – we can help

Senior woman taking eye exam

Senior eye care
Learn about common eye issues seniors experience and treatment options

young asian woman holding hand on head from migraine while reading and studying

Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD)
Learn about this common eye misalignment condition

Early detection technology

Early Detection Technology
Catch any serious issues early with our advanced technology