Senior Eye Care

While it is important to take care of the eyes and vision at any age, it becomes increasingly crucial as we age. Seniors are more susceptible to eye and vision issues of all kinds, which makes it vital for those who are aging to stay on top of their eye care.

That said, for senior Chicago residents, the following is an overview of the services we at the Eye Society can offer you. 

Conditions to Beware of And Treatments for Them

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As you continue to age, you will become more susceptible to certain eye conditions.

Some of the main conditions to beware of are as follows:

  • Cataracts: If you suffer from blurry or cloudy vision, double vision in one eye, halos around lights, or other similar symptoms, you may be suffering from cataracts. The treatments for cataracts include wearing glasses and eye surgery. 
  • Presbyopia: If you are over 40 and suddenly notice symptoms such as eye strain, headaches, or trouble reading small print, you may have presbyopia. This condition can be treated with contact lenses or eyeglasses. 
  • Floaters: Although they are a natural part of aging and can be harmless, floaters can cause you to see squiggly lines, spots, and threadlike strands that can cause issues with your vision. Floaters can be treated with prescription eye drops and surgery. 
  • Dry Eyes: If you are suffering from issues such as itching or burning eyes, eyes that are excessively watery, or blurred vision, dry eyes may be the cause. Dry eyes are commonly treated with OTC or prescription eye drops.
  • Other Eye Issues for Elders: In addition to the mentioned conditions, you can experience from the following symptoms as a part of the aging process: smaller pupils that do not open as widely as they used to or function as they should, drooping eyelids that may become inflamed, or low vision. These issues can be corrected with eyewear or surgery.

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If you are a Chicago resident and have any of these symptoms or suspect that you may be suffering from one of the mentioned conditions, you need to see our optometrists in Chicago immediately.

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