Scleral Lenses

Scleral Lenses Prescription and Fitting With Our Chicago Eye Doctor Team

Many people are surprised to learn that contact lenses aren’t “one size fits all.” In fact, there are several different types of contacts—including scleral lenses–which can comfortably fit the eyes of people who can’t tolerate typical lenses.

At Eye Society, we prescribe scleral lenses to many of our patients with great success.

Could these lenses be the solution to your eye care needs? 

Person putting in scleral lenses

What Are Scleral Lenses?

Scleral lenses, also called scleral contact lens, are large-diameter contacts whose edges rest on the sclera–the white part of the eye. Their size ranges from 14mm to 24mm.

The sclera contact lens creates a tear-filled vault over the cornea to help keep the eye lubricated. Scleral lenses are rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

Being gas permeable (or oxygen permeable) allows oxygen to pass through to your cornea. The scleral contact lenses are rigid (“hard”), which means they’re durable, long-lasting, and less prone to popping out.

As a result, scleral lenses are an excellent treatment option for dry eye and other conditions when alternative forms of treatment fail.

Who Wears Scleral Lenses?

For many people with chronic dry eyes, keratoconus (abnormally shaped corneas), or astigmatism, regular contacts are not comfortable nor effective. Scleral lenses can be a great option for these folks.

Here’s why:

Scleral lenses rest on the less-sensitive whites of the eyes, rather than directly on the cornea (unlike smaller lenses).  

Because of this, scleral lenses create a large fluid-filled reservoir between the lens and the cornea.

This improves the way light refracts (bends) and enters the eye. Therefore, scleral lenses can be a good alternative to refractive surgery if that’s recommended.

Optometrists may also prescribe scleral lenses for people who have undergone eye surgery, including corneal transplants and LASIK. That’s right, scleral lenses are safe for people who have had a LASIK procedure.

To summarize, scleral lenses can correct and help treat the following conditions:

Scleral Lenses for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a common eye condition associated with an imperfectly shaped cornea. In most cases, eye glasses or regular contact lenses will work to correct the issue.

Irregular astigmatism, however, means that your vision is distorted in a way that can’t be helped with regular eye glasses or contact lenses.

Scleral lenses are a great non-surgical option for people with irregular astigmatism because the lenses maintain their shape by resting on the white of the eye rather than molding to any imperfections of the cornea shape.

Scleral Lenses Price

You might be wondering, what is the range of costs for scleral lenses?

Including appointments, fittings, and examinations, the average cost for scleral lenses can be anywhere from $1,500-$4,000 per lens.

At Eye Society, the average cost for Scleral Lenses is $2,500 which includes the fitting.

They are typically three to four times more expensive than regular contact lenses because they are custom-fitted, and may need to help correct a variety of eye issues.

So can you personally buy scleral lenses? For medical purposes, the answer is no. Because these lenses are custom fit, scleral lenses can not be bought out of the box or online.

Therefore, you will need a prescription and professional assistance for getting a proper scleral lens fitting. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Mago today to get a prescription and determine a more exact cost for your scleral lenses.

The Prescription Process

Our Chicago optometrist, Dr. Tanvi Mago, has extensive experience with scleral lenses and other types of hard-to-fit contacts. She believes that anyone who wants to enjoy the vision-boosting benefits of contacts should have access to comfortable, affordable, and effective options. 

Fitting Scleral Lenses

To fit you with scleral lenses, first Dr. Mago will thoroughly examine the external surface of your eye as well as the internal anatomy and your vision.

She may also go over your family and medical history and run additional tests to rule in diagnoses which may benefit from scleral lenses. 

Scleral lenses are customized to fit the individual wearer’s eyes, so Dr. Mago may require a few follow-ups to ensure optimal fit, comfort, and effectiveness.

She’ll also teach you how to clean, don, and doff your contacts so you’ll leave her office feeling confident and seeing the world more clearly!

Can Scleral Contact Lenses Improve Your Vision and Quality of Life?

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